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Young Leaders

Each year, Year 5 pupils from Tividale Community Primary School take part in our brilliant Young Leaders Programme.  This programme runs at lunchtime, and is designed to focus them on how they can develop their leadership and social skills to better themselves and their peer group.


The course has emphasis on teaching the children how to be better citizens as they grow into young adults, how to be leaders in their own community by organising games and activities, and also, being mediators for younger children and develop their sporting skills and knowledge.


Each session focuses on one of the areas of: good and bad leaders, communication, teamwork, organising & planning, compromise and confidence.  The children then go outside under the guidance of an adult to use the skills they have learned by planning and organising games and activities with our KS1 children.  At the end of the course everyone who has complete it successfully is awarded with a football, baseball cap and t-shirt.


As a school, being able to offer this programme to our pupils has played an important role in helping to ensure that they have developed many of the skills they need to be good citizens, good leaders and, very importantly, learning to make healthier lifestyle and relationship choices for their futures.