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World Book Day Poems

Take a look at the videos below of our favourite poems.  Then let us know all about your favourite poem by filling in the form below.

Mrs Skidmore reads

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Roald Dahl

Mrs Khatkar reads

I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud

by William Wordsworth

Mrs Cadwallader reads

Lockdown Cat Haircut 

by Sharon Davey

Miss Ralph reads

Our Wildlife by Hilary White

Mr Prince reads

Wolves written by himself


Mrs Noble reads

The Crocodile by Gareth Lancaster 

Miss Davies reads

Hey Diddle Diddle

Mrs Findon reads

Eddie and the Wallpaper

by Michael Rosen


Miss Groake reads

Where Do All The Teachers Go?

by Peter Dixon

Miss Jones reads

The Lion and The Echo

by Brian Patten

Mrs Draper reads

Walking the Dog by Julia Donaldson

Mr Prince reads

Our Teacher is a Football Fanatic by Kenn Nesbitt 

Mrs Moore reads

Let's Go by Merry Bradshaw

Mr Floud reads

Look Out by Philip Ardagh

Mrs MacLennan reads

Two Little Dicky Birds

Mr Dash reads

Cats Sleep Anywhere

by Eleanor Farjeon

Miss Williamson reads

I Opened A Book by Julia Donaldson

Mrs Marchant reads

The Blue Umbrella

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Why is it your favourite poem? What do you like about it?