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Well-Being Ambassadors

At Tividale, we are committed to supporting the social and emotional well-being of all our pupils.  The health and welfare of our pupils is paramount.  We instil pupils with sense of belonging, in a supportive environment and culture based on shared values and trust. Pupils are taught of the importance of:

· Having a healthy body through nutritious food and regular exercise

· Always trying your best and never giving up

· Mental health and how to keep the mind healthy

· Seeking help

· Supporting others and working together

We are extremely proud of our well-being area, which gives pupils the opportunity to learn more about health through a variety of child friendly books, access mindfulness activities and de-stress items, or take part in yoga sessions in a calm and inviting environment. 

Our well-being ambassadors do an excellent job of supporting pupils accessing these activities and collecting children’s views and suggestions.  Pupils are encouraged to share their thoughts and views through regular school questionnaires, class thought boxes, class discussion and assemblies.

Meet our Well-Being Ambassadors



I wanted to be a well-being ambassador because I think well-being is really important an everyone should be able to be happy and have no worries in school.  I like to see an improvement in peoples well-being 



I like Studying new things and I always try my best in every subject even if they are hard!v In my spare time I like to colour and play with my little brother!  I am quite good at sketching and when I am older I want to be a Doctor because I like to help people.



I like this job because I set up the well being are and help other people with there problems.  In my spare time I like doing boxing.