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Aiming for Excellence.  Achieving Together.

School Council

As a School Council, we help our school by coming together with our peers to discuss issues about our education, think of ideas to raise money for school and also to support national and local charities.

At the start of the academic year, each class appoints one School Councillor to represent them via a democratic voting process.

To develop our understanding of British Values and the democratic system we visit The Houses of Parliament and local British Citizenship Ceremonies. 

As a school council we raise money for our school and charities such as Comic Relief, Sports Relief, Children in Need and Cancer Research.  This is done through a variety of forums, including assemblies held by the School Councillors for the whole school to have an insight into what the charities are all about.  


Our whole school community would like to thank the School Councillors for their hard work and dedication throughout the school year.  Without them and their on-going commitment, our school would not have the fun, experiences and insight into things that really matter in our local community and around the world.  Mrs Dosanjh


School Council Projects

Children in Need 2023


School Council organised a non-uniform day, sold Children in Need merchandise and ran a loose bucket challenge.  We raised over £500 for the charity.

Meet our School Councillors



Hollie - Year 3

I'm in Year 2.  I like being a School Councillor because I like to help make everything better in the school.  I also like to do Gymnastics.

Harkiran - Year 4

Hi, I am Harkiran and my favourite subject is art!  I like cooking and cleaning.  I also like writing notes about how we can make the school better!  The thing I like about being a School Councillor is helping people if they are sad.  I think it is really fun being a School Councillor because I like going to meetings and arranging to raise money for Children in Need and other charities.

Year 5

Zoya - Year 6

My name is Zoya and my favourite subject is Maths.  My favourite hobby is to bake cakes. I have 4 siblings and I am very kind to people.  I wanted to be part of the school council because I wanted to help people.  I enjoy it because it is fun and exciting.  I enjoyed our School Council trip to the Houses of Parliament because we saw Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May.