Tividale Community Primary School

Tividale Community
Primary School

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Session Times



8.45 am – 11.45 am.

12.45 pm. – 3.45 pm.


8.55 am – 12 noon.

1.05 pm. – 3.30 pm.

This provides a total teaching time of a minimum of 21 hours per week for Key Stage 1 and 23.5 hours for Key Stage 2.  This time excludes the time taken for the statutory daily act of worship, registration and, morning, dinnertime and afternoon breaks.

Please note:

We have a soft opening in the morning meaning children can enter school from 8.45am. The doors will close at 8.55am, any children arriving after this time will need to enter via the main reception door. 

No responsibility can be accepted for children before 8.45am as staff are not on duty.  Whilst it is acceptable for Key Stage 2 children to be left in the playground from about 8.45am onwards, it is important that parents of Key Stage 1 children stay with their child until the doors open at 8.45am.

Children will not be allowed to leave school unaccompanied during the day.  Should you need to collect your child please report to reception and a member of the office staff will collect your child from their class teacher.

Children will be dismissed at the end of the school day to a known adult, if you wish to make any changes to normally collection procedure please liaise with the school office where you will be asked to leave a password which the adult collecting will be asked to give.  Not following this procedure may delay the dismissal of your child.  

Parents who wish their older children to walk home alone at the end of the school day will need to put this in writing to the school office.