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Modern Foreign Languages

At Tividale, we believe that learning another language is a crucial part of the children’s education, which allows children to build self-confidence as well as developing their communication skills.  In our modern society, children now have the ability and need to be able to communicate with others from around the world.  We want to equip the children with the skills and confidence to be able to do this.  We explain to the children the benefits and purpose of learning a language, such as being able to communicate with others whilst on holiday abroad, family, or having a better understanding of different cultures.  Our vision for MFL at Tividale is to encourage the children to be inquisitive about the world and gain a love of learning through French.


MFL is taught consistently throughout Key stage 2. Tividale follows the SALUT on-line program for French, which is constantly being reviewed and updated to ensure that the curriculum is always relevant.  The subject is managed so that the children enjoy the language and are able to communicate effectively.  The Salut program incorporates a wide variety of interesting and fun activities that use mixed media to enhance children’s enjoyment of the subject.  The topics are linked with other areas of our curriculum where possible and the skills and topics taught are progressive throughout the Key-stage.

Staff throughout the school are encouraged to speak in French (as much as they can) during lessons.  Children have not only taken the register by greeting everyone in French, but have sung French carols at Christmas time.  Additionally, by listening to various instructions in French, the children are able to demonstrate their understanding by responding appropriately.


End of Year Skills for progression are-

  • The need to remember and say the vocabulary orally.
  • The children need to be able to say phases using the vocabulary learnt within their topics.
  • The children need to be able to write 2/3 sentences, from year 5.
  • The children need to be able to write a short paragraph, using learnt vocabulary.


We aim to enhance French within the curriculum, through our “Capital Culture” activities. Children in Year 2, are prepared for their French activities in Year 3.  Year 4 will be participate in some French Café Role Play, with children from the high school.  Year 5 have made links with another French Primary School in Versailles (where they have exchanged cards and letters).  C’est bon, n’est-ce-pas.


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