Tividale Community Primary School

Tividale Community
Primary School

Aiming for Excellence.  Achieving Together.

Governing Body

The school’s Governing Body is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in school.  They meet at least once each term.  Governors can be contacted via Mrs S Lloyd in the school office.

Governing Body Rationale

As a governing body, we are very proud to work together in partnership with the Headteacher, Staff and Parents, to ensure the provision of a good education for our children at Tividale Community Primary School.

As a Governing Body we aim to support the school in all areas to ensure that every child thrives and gets the best possible education whilst at Tividale Community Primary School.

We set targets for improvement and ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered in an effective manner and that pupil outcomes are good.

The Governing Body is made up of elected parents, representatives of the local community, school staff (including the Headteacher) and members appointed by the Local Education Authority.

Our role is to provide a strategic direction for the school and to also provide oversight of the school management. In order for us to help our school provide the best possible education for our pupils, we:

  • think and work strategically to help raise standards
  • monitor and evaluate progress towards the school’s priorities
  • support the Headteacher and staff to challenge their expectations
  • account to all stakeholders for the school’s performance and for the decisions we make.

We are involved in areas of school management such as:

  • the financial management of the school
  • the curriculum
  • pupil welfare and discipline
  • appointment and dismissal of staff
  • property and buildings
  • links with parents
  • community links
  • health and safety.

Individual governors have special responsibilities (for example special needs and safeguarding) and we have committees to manage Finance and Staffing, Premises, Health and Safety and the Curriculum.

We have a responsibility to ensure that decisions are implemented, and that we evaluate their effectiveness. To do this we receive information from the Headteacher, SMT members, other staff and fellow governors and we also make visits to school.

Full Governing Body meetings are held once a term.





All governors have completed a Business/Pecuniary Interests form.  Click below to view them.








Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors

 Mrs S Prescott

Vice Chair

Mrs G Samra

Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment  Governor

Mrs S Ahmad

Local Authority Governor

Miss S Kahlon

Parent Governors

Mrs S Ahmad

Mr B Bains

Co-opted Governors

Mrs S Prescott

Mrs J Randhawa

Mr N Hunjan

Headteacher Governor

Mrs P Dosanjh

Staff Governor

Mr S Floud

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs A Whitmore




Chair of Committee

Appeals The remaining members of the Governing Body who had not been involved in any decision taken by the first committee and/or who did not have an interest to declare, would serve on this committee. Mrs S Prescott
Curriculum & Standards Full Governing Body Mrs S Prescott
Premises, Health & Safety Staffing, Finance and Premises members Mrs S Prescott
Pupil Discipline 3 members of the Governing Body with no previous knowledge of and not known personally to the pupil or the parents/carers. Appointed at each meeting
Selection Panel 3 Governors Appointed at each meeting
Staffing, Finance & Premises Mrs S Prescott

Mrs G Samra

Mrs J Randhawa


Mrs S Prescott