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Eco Warriors

We are excited to announce our NEW Eco Warriors for 2023-24.  Our Eco-Warriors will strive to make our school more eco-friendly.  The Warriors volunteered for the role within their classes after a discussion about the Eco Warrior role.  They are very excited about playing an active role in helping the school and promoting eco sustainable choices at home.

Our Eco Warriors will:

  • Talk to their class about eco-friendly ideas 
  • Take part in eco missions - see our missions below
  • Encourage our school to be more energy efficient
  • Promote recycling at school and home
  • Have regular meetings to discuss projects 
  • Organising eco-friendly activities
  • Be involved in planting in our school environment

Our Eco Missions

Mission Book Worm - February and March 2024

  • Eco Warriors will be encouraging the children in school to donate books from home for this mission.
  • These books will be used in a 'Swap' shop.  All the books collected will be sorted to make sure they are suitable by the Eco Warriors.
  • The children will then get to choose a book that is 'new to me' to take home.
  • The Eco Warriors are hoping to get enough books so that every child can choose a book that will be new to them to take home on World Book Day and maybe have some left to help top up our school book corners.
  • If we do not get enough book donations then only the children that brought a book in will be able to swap their book for another.

What can you do to help?

Have a little clear out at home and send any books you wish to donate into school before 1st March.  Please make sure these books are suitable to give another child.  Please do not bring more than 10 books per child.

Enjoy your child's 'new to me' book when they bring it home.

Mission Pens - Ongoing Mission from January 2024

  • The Eco Warriors have helped to label pen collection boxes for each classroom in school.
  • We used old iPad box lids for this rather than buying new boxes.
  • Every classroom are now recycling all of their pens - felt tip pens, whiteboard pens, highlighters and biros. 
  • When their box is full the Eco Warriors will empty it into a big recycling box.  

The pens will be sent to TeccaCycle to be recycled on behalf of Mary Stevens Hospice.  TerraCycle donate money to the hospice as a thanks for recycling with them.

How can you help?

Create a box at home with your child to collect your old pens.  When you have a few send them into school for your child to add to their class box.  Every pen recycled is one less in land fill.

Past Eco Missions

Mission Clothes - February 2024 - MISSION COMPLETE

Our Eco Warriors are really proud to announce that they collected 296KG of clothing for our Bag2School clothing collection.  The Warriors worked hard reminding their classes before the event, collecting bags on 21st February and helping to load the collection van.  Even the rain didn't damper their enthusiasm!  The amazing 296KG of clothes will be recycled and reused and as a thank you, Bag2School have donated £134 to school fund.  Thank you to everyone who supported this collection - we hope to do another in the summer term.

Eco Warrior Clothing Collection Feb 2024


  • We have been thinking about what happens to clothes we no longer wear or that no longer fit.  We are trying to prevent those clothes going to landfill sites.
  • We have signed up with Bag2School to help us recycle clothes.  The company collect the clothing, send it to factories for sorting and then it is sent to many countries across the world to be sold in second hand shops.  There is more information about what happens to the clothing on their website.
  • Bag2School will donate money to the school in exchange for the clothing donation.  This money will be added into our school fund.  
  • Children are being asked to bring in as many clothing items that they have to be recycled.  There is a list here of what we can and can not accept What We Collect | Bag2School
  • Please bring your bags to school on 21st February before 9am.  The bags will be collected on this date - bags later than this will not be accepted.

How can you help?

  • Take a look at the What We Collect | Bag2School list, have a clear out and fill a bag or two at home with items that can be recycled.  They accept bed sheets, curtains and soft toys too.
  • Bring those bags into school before 9am on 21st February.  We will be collecting on the KS1 playground

Mission Spring Upcycle - February 2024

  • Children are being asked to bring to school - glass jars with the labels removed and empty plastic bottles (2L plastic pop bottles - please do not bring in milk bottles)
  • These items will be used in a key stage 2 upcycling project - making plant pots, pen holders and tealight holders.

How can you help?

  • Send your child to school with clean, empty jars without labels and/or empty pop bottles.  As many as you can. Please send them in before the end of January.

Mission Christmas 2023

  • This Christmas our Eco Warriors are encouraging the children in school to send a digital Christmas card to the other members of their class using Purple Mash.  The children will be given time in school to create and send their card to their class.
  • Our Eco Warriors are asking the children in their classes and all the adults in school to save their Christmas cards after Christmas and then bring them into school.  The Eco Warrior team are going to sort out the Christmas cards and recycle them.  

What can you do to help our mission?

  • Ask your child about their digital Christmas creation that they have created on Purple Mash - they can log on at home and show you what they have created.  (Please be aware that these may not be complete until the last week of term.)
  • Please send your old Christmas cards into school with your child during the first week back after the Christmas holidays.

How did our Mission go?

The Eco Warriors would like to thank everyone who saved their Christmas cards over the festive period and brought them into school.  The Eco Warriors sorted the cards, ensuring all the foil and glitter additions were removed before recycling them.  We ended up with two boxes to recycle.  

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If you have any questions about our Eco-Warriors please contact Mrs Findon or Mrs Sargent