Tividale Community Primary School

Tividale Community
Primary School

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Curriculum Subjects

What we believe 

“Learning is defined as an alteration to long-term memory. If nothing has altered in long-term memory, nothing has been learned.”  

(Sweller, Ayres and Kaluga, 2011)  

Learning needs to be flexible and durable.

Flexible in that it can be applied to different contexts, subjects and situations (problems-solving, reasoning, application, explanation, interpretation…..).

Durable in that it lasts so it remains in long-term memory and can be retrieved. It may well need to be revisited many times until it becomes firmly embedded in the memory.


We believe the curriculum must develop pupils’ knowledge and skills in an interconnected way. Vocabulary, knowledge, ideas and concepts need to be developed through interconnected webs (schemata). Prior-learning is paramount in strengthening the links between concepts and new knowledge. The more complex and embedded your understanding, the more you can use and apply the knowledge, skills and understanding you have acquired.


Our school’s curriculum is broad, balanced and organised in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. Our curriculum design allows time for children to think, discuss, practice and explore but most importantly embed. Our curriculum design allows for teaching, practice and repetition. It includes, not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but also provides an outline of core knowledge around well thought out and ambitious lessons, promoting the development of pupil’s knowledge, understanding and skills.


We believe that every child is entitled to a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum that is the foundation to our mission of developing children as a whole, so that they understand what, and how, it is to be human and to engage with the complexity of the world in which they live. Teachers will have high-expectations of children to always strive to achieve their very best and be resilient in their approach to new challenges. Our core curriculum drivers are for children to be:

Engaged – the children at Tividale will drive their learning through their invested interest in an enquiry-based approach through exciting curriculum content.

Inspired – children at Tividale will be curious and take a lead in their learning through well thought out opportunities to question, challenge, make links and interpret key concepts and big ideas.

Knowledgeable – children at Tividale will be the drivers in enquiring knowledge for understanding new content as well as themselves as learners. Teachers will facilitate time and opportunities for children to make deep connections within and across subjects.

Ambitious – children at Tividale will have a strong desire and determination to succeed in all aspects of curriculum and school life. Our teachers at Tividale see their children not as they are today, but who they aspire to become.

Articulate – at Tividale, our children will be eloquent and effective communicators, drawing on their rich and technical vocabulary. They will express their understanding and share their learning in a range of ways.


We seek the highest standards of attainment for all groups of children, regardless of their starting points.

We firmly believe that every child is entitled to receive the right curriculum for them. Our curriculum provides opportunities to unpack challenging content, ideas and concepts to overcome barriers and create a range of opportunities for children to learn. We aim to foster creativity and to help our children to become independent learners.