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Computer Crew

 At Tividale we have a group of 10 children who form our Computer Crew.  The children apply for the role at the end of Year 4 and if successful become part of the Crew in Year 5.  The Computer Crew help ensure that all of the computing devices are distributed on time to the classrooms, they help children at Lunch Time Club with the computers and work with the children on the OSMOs.  They test new resources and help to train staff and children with using them.  The Crew listen to the staff and children in school regarding computing and feed back to the computing coordinator and technician.  The Computer Crew are valuable members of the computing team at Tividale and all their hard work is very much appreciated.  The Computer Crew also go on an Educational trip to the Apple Store.  Meet our Computer Crew below:


I love being a part of the computer crew because we are involved in helping the younger children and the teachers are really grateful.  My favourite subject is art because we get to be really creative and it's so fun!  Also I love working with the computers and having a laugh with the other crew members.  It feels really nice to have a responsibility! 



Hi, I am Jai.  I wanted to be in computer crew because I know a lot about technology and I also love helping people when they get stuck.  My daily job is to organise the iPads.  I love playing games on my tablet so the job is perfect for me.


Hi, I'm Jaya and I'm in the computer crew, I help to organise the iPad's.  I wanted to be in the computer crew because I knew a bit about computers and different devices and wanted to learn more.  I have learned more and I am happy with my job, it's the best job ever.  I am very helpful and I am good with computers.


Hi, my name is Ria and I love being part of the computer crew is because I like technology and I  like helping the little children on the computers at lunchtime.  The teachers find me very helpful.  I always get the iPads sent to the class rooms on time.  I am really excited about going to the Apple Store with computer crew.


Hi, my name is Julia and I wanted to be part of the computer crew because I really enjoy computers and love being helpful to others. My hobbies outside of school are gymnastics and art.  I like helping the younger children at lunchtime club.  The teachers think I'm very helpful.  I'm very exited to go to the Apple Store.  My daily job as part of the Computer Crew is to organise the DSi's with Simran.


Hi, my name is Simran.  The reason I asked to be part of the computer crew was because I wanted to help others and I also wanted everyone to know that they could rely on me!  I always try my best to be kind and if there are any issues with the computers one of the members of the computer crew are always there to help, for example me!  I am looking forward to going to the Apple store in Easter with the rest of computer crew. Computer crew is really fun because Mrs Findon always teaches us new stuff then after we show off our skills to the class and they love it.



My daily Computer Crew job is to turn on and off the computers in the computer suite everyday.  I also help the younger children save and log off the computers regularly.   



Hi I'm Suraya.  My daily Computer Crew job is to organise the notebooks.  I like to be part of the Computer Crew because I like to make sure all the children in school have the right equipment to learn. I am really looking  forward to be going to the Apple Store.  I'm really thankful that I was selected into the Computer Crew.



I enjoy playing football and doing boxing.  I like joining the computer crew because I like helping out a lot and I can do a lot to help.  I like being at Tividale because the education is great and the pupils are very kind.



I enjoy doing boxing and football.  I also like being apart of the Computer Crew because I can be helpful and help children in lunch time club if they are stuck.