Sports Premium Grant 

Each year we are awarded a Sports Premium Grant.

  • 2016/17 our grant is £9794.

The purpose of this government grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport within schools, with schools being given freedom to choose how best to spend the money in order to do this. The grant is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on PE and sport in schools.

We have decided to spend the money awarded to develop the following areas:

  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning

The school will use the grant to raise the standard of teaching and learning in PE by purchasing sports equipment and resources and investing in relevant training.

Specialist PE coaches will be employed to work with teachers to help enhance their teaching skills in PE; an effective way of ensuring progression and that the overall standard of PE across the school improves.

  • Increasing participation in sporting activities outside of the core curriculum

The grant will support the funding of a range of after school clubs for all ages. This also includes the cost of equipment and resources for these extra curricular activities.

The Funfit Programme will also be used to encourage participation in focussed aerobic activities during lunchtime.

  • Improving pupil’s lifestyles and physical wellbeing

As a result of increased sporting participation, our pupils will have improved health and well being, whilst also benefitting from all the other positive values that sport promotes. In addition to encouraging increased physical activity amongst pupils we also ensure that we teach children about healthy lifestyles.

We also encourage parents and families to sign up to the national Change for Life programme.


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