At Tividale we understand the importance of developing links with our local community.



Listed below are some examples of links that the children are able to benefit from:

  • Assemblies on various topics delivered by the Police Community Support Officer
  • Visits to local temples and churches
  • Visits to local high schools including Community Cohesion project with OSCA
  • Visits from St John Ambulance – helping children to take responsibility to manage their own risks and learn how to deal with emergencies
  • Eco-Bus and talks from Tipton Litterwatch on recycling and sustainability issues
  • Assemblies and fundraising for charities
  • Harvest donations to Loaves and Fishes and senior citizens in the community
  • Health talks from the dental service and other health professionals
  • Fire safety visits for Key Stage 2 children and visits to Oldbury fire station
  • Parents coming into school to share their knowledge with the children to enhance their learning in topic work



Mosaic work produced with the help of a local art group



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