The school’s Governing Body is ultimately responsible for everything that happens in school.  They meet at least once each term. Governors can be contacted via Mrs S Lloyd in the school office.


Chair of Governors and Safeguarding Governor Mrs J Brown
Vice Chair Ms S Bennett-Matthews
Local Authority Governor Mrs G Meek
Parent Governors Mr J Dail
Mr P Steele
Mrs S Dosanjh
Mrs L McCaulsky
Co-opted Governors Mrs J Brown
Ms S Bennett-Matthews
Head Teacher Governor Mrs E R Burnell
Staff Governor Miss G Davies
Clerk to the Governors Mrs S Lloyd
Committee Membership Chair of Committee
Appeals The remaining members of the Governing Body who had not been involved in any decision taken by the first committee and/or who did not have an interest to declare, would serve on this committee. Mrs J Brown
Curriculum & Standards Full Governing Body Mrs J Brown
Premises, Health & Safety Staffing, Finance and Premises members Mrs J Brown
Pupil Discipline 3 members of the Governing Body with no previous knowledge of and not known personally to the pupil or the parents/carers. Appointed at each meeting
Selection Panel 3 governors. Appointed at each meeting
Staffing, Finance & Premises Mrs J Brown, Mr J Dail, Mrs L McCaulsky Mrs J Brown
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